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"Some of our ingredients with particularly high antioxidant activity (or the synergistic combination of them) contain active principles and or molecules that can reduce the potential impact of such pesticides to the metabolism of bees. To date, we know of no competitor product with this capability."
- Dr. Francesca Del Vecchio 

Who we are

HealthyBees is the sole manufacturer of the most exciting and emerging honeybee food replacement or supplement technology[FA1]  that not only significantly improves bee immunity and overall health but also has the genetic field data and success among beekeepers commercial and private to prove it. 




What We Do


For an investment of less than $2 per month per colony BeesVita Plus helps you protect your honey bees and grow your investment for an entire year.​

Honey bees treated with BeesVita Plus (BVP) showed significant increase in adult bees population, eggs and better health. 

  • Combats the individual maladies of pests, viruses, mites  and  fungi
  • Counteracts the effects of Neonicotinoid pesticides

BeesVita Plus